Saturday, April 30, 2011

april 2011 update

So here it is, April 2011, and I have not updated this for some time. Most of my writings, (or rantings) is posted on facebook now under my name, or inside . I have recently added a great deal of industry insider material to the most recent topics, the ones about GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK, and ADVISOR FRUAD etc. In there you will see much of the trail of securities commissions using leagues of lawyers to basically lie their way into the wallets of Canadians. It is a twisted, convoluted journey that I hardly expect anyone to follow, except other lawyers. In fact some of it was prepared and provided to other lawyers who are interested in holding crooks to account.

That is probably my biggest motivation, to see if anyone in Canada can be held to account for about one trillion dollars that I have seen disappear from consumers into the pockets of the trusted fraudsters that we all have to deal with. We have to deal with the big banks, even if they are preying on us, and we have to deal with the current crop of regulators, even if they are helping to violate us financially. I wont even go into the rest of the systemic 'bottom feeders" who support and condone financial violence on Canadians......for money. It will come out.

In the last two years, probably the biggest thing I have seen securities commissions in Canada do to "protect the public interest", is to remove the word "salesperson" from each and every securities act in Canada, and replace it with the word "dealing representative". Follow along the trail at "advisor fraud" topic at if you like, but believe me when I say it was "not in the public interest" to do this. It was a blatant exercise in ass covering by securities firms and regulators, who finally got the concept called "BAIT AND SWITCH". That is the illegal practice of telling the public, that they were getting s professional service from an "advisor", when in fact the guy they were hiring was in 99.99% of cases simply registered and licensed as a "salesperson". Holy lawsuits Batman, we have to change this!! It is the first time I have seen securities commissions act so quickly. Anyway, it is on the record (sept 28, 2009 CSA announcements) so lawyers for the public interest will be able to find it and use it to prove the intent of those persons in power who fiddle with the system to suit themselves.

I have to say thanks to our younger population, and thanks to the Egyptian people, for showing us that we can actually stand on our own two feet and demand better from our leaders. It is the weekend before a Federal election in Canada, and it will be very interesting to see how it turns out. For the first time in my life I am seeing Canadians, (yes Canadians) actually stand for something and voice thier concerns. I hope it is a sign of things to come.

We have recently seen the most flagrant theft from the middle class, from the taxayer, and from the economy, in perhaps modern history. I am not aware of such large scale systemic theft (systemic using law, the courts, the regulators, the trusted criminals among us, the politicians) other than some History channel stuff I learned about the Roman empire. An entire, systemic co-operation to stuff as much money as possible into the pockets of the top 1% of rich people, and to sprinkle just enough millions along the way to ensure the co-operation of media, courts, accounting professionals, legal, regulatory, financial, political, whomever. Sorry if I am repeating myself, but I have to look at this and express nothing less than amazement. I have gotten a front row seat at an event where the entire economy has been stolen or skimmed, in an effort to do trillion dollar deals and earn billion dollar fees. What a ride, what a show, what an eye opener.

Gold is at $1500, silver just over $40. US currency is looking less and less credible every moment, but the world is awash in it, so to try and get away from it safely is tricky for most countries. Default is a monthly debate in Congress, needing emergency measures to keep the government from being shut down. Funny, there are millions and millions who feel that shutting down the government might actually make society work a bit better. But, again, there are just under 10 million people employed in the federal govt, so they have to be saved somehow.

The US is spending trillions on war, and that is not helping. Multiple wars. 700 to 1000 military bases around the world. While I was on a beach in Hawaii recently, I got the pleasure of watching very large military aircraft doing practice circuits overhead, in flight training exercises. The thousands and thousands of dollars per hour, (or is it per minute?) to operate just one of these aircraft, was multipled many times that day, by many aircraft, and then again, in many countries, in many parts of the world. Who can pay for that kind of spending? Who can profit from that kind of spendng? Follow the money and you will many crimes against society.

Enough for now. is one "accountability project". Send me the name of a lawyer with courage and social conscience. is planned for september in calgary

hopefully, if we are allowed to bring topics of abuse and theft (by our trusted leaders) out into the open, we will learn how to walk like an Egyptian.